Lloyd's Lodge






Lloyd’s Lodge is one of the three original Freemasons Lodges formed from Freemasons working in the Lloyd’s insurance market. We are mostly, although not exclusively, people who have a connection to insurance in London.

Founded in 1937 by the members of Lutine Lodge (now merged with our daughter Lodge) Lloyd’s Lodge continues to operate and attract young men from the London Insurance Market and City Financial Institutions. We celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2012 and in this our 82nd year are looking forward to initiating another  new member.

We are a Founder Lodge of the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London.

As a Private Lodge although we follow the rituals laid down by United Grand Lodge of England we are able to follow some of our own traditions rather than being an exact copy of a model lodge.

We are proud to use the (pre 1947) ivory gavels presented by our founding Master and Wardens in our ceremonies and we use the silver goblets presented by our daughter Lodge (on our 50th Anniversary) at our Festive Board.


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